Imperator Morinda SFA

Male Skewbald 1 year old

General comments

It seemed to us that it would be a very good idea to create a foal that would reunite the fabulous blood lines of Ulyss Morinda, stamped with the mark of Jalisco B, and of Vision Morinda who passes on to her foals the blood of Diamant de Semilly and the maternal bloodlines of Flambeau C and the famous Camera. On the 4th of May the foal which we have been dreaming of, the foal produced from the two best horses at our stud, was born and has been named Imperator Morinda. Vision has not disappointed us : she has given us a huge colt, as gentle as Ulyss and she were as foals! A colt who is very much at home with humans. That said, he is also impressive and will be very strong. He has the powerful hocks passed on by Jalisco and which also give Ulyss his strength (who has 48% of Thoroughbred in him and therefore very fine limbs). On top of that, tests carried out at the beginning of June and presented on this page show that Imperator Morinda is HOMOZYGOUS for the Tobiano gene, the Black gene and the Agouti gene! Later on he will therefore produce nothing but bay coloured foals (neither chestnuts nor blacks because of the Agouti gene) and because of that will not have any whole coated foals! The order we placed has been faithfully fulfilled…. We had asked Ulyss and Vision for a homozygous male! And they did it! After Helios Morinda, Imperator Morinda is the second of Ulyss Morinda’s sons to be born homozygous !

Sir : Ulyss Morinda SF

Ulyss Morinda

Dam : Re Vision Morinda Z Z

Re Vision Morinda Z

Second mare : Scarlett Fontanel SFA

Scarlett Fontanel

Third mare : Fantine Du Defey SF

Fantine du Defey


His father Ulyss Morinda, 5 * at the CIRALE, comes from base bloodline that was marked 8 out of 10 by the Selle Français studbook. The line goes back to the Grand Prix mare Utricule (by Monceaux, TB) and then to her daughter Piperazine Laleu, mother of several excellent horses. Ulyss is a carrier of 5 Thoroughbred blood lines, one of which is the famous Laudanum but there’s also Ladykiller, Furioso, Pericles and Monceaux. As a maternal grandfather he also has Jalisco B whom he very much resembles. You can go to his page to see the details of his wonderful bloodline and photos and videos of his performances. Ulyss Morinda, Hunter Champion of France as a six year old came back to his true discipline, the CSO in 2015 as a seven year old.

Ridden from now on by Rik Hemeryck (a Belgian), he won the Young Stallions SF Masters for seven year olds (classed as ‘Very Promising’ by the ANSF) and at nine years old, he was already a winner and had been placed in numerous outings in 1.50m classes (CSI 3*). He took part in his first CSI 5* in Rotterdam in June 2017 and his first 1.55m at the end of the year. He is ISO 150 (2017).

In 2018, Ulyss is confirming his quality, being placed 2nd at the start of the year in the 1.50m (3*) Grand Prix at Bonheiden (just half a second off Daniel Deusser), placed 7th in the 1.50m Bourg en Bresse Show Jumping (4*) and jumping in the 1.55m at Maubeuge with and incredible effortlessness. He is now performing in Grand Prix 1,60 m.

In 2019 he confirmed his position once again : he’s been placed several times over 1m50/1m55, and won a 1m60 Grand Prix in England (see the section News).  He’s also taken part in his first 5* Rolex Grand Prix and proved he has the ability to jump anything he meets at this level.

His mother, Re Vision Morinda Z, born Vision Morinda, daughter of Ringo and Scarlett Fontanel, has passed on to Imperator a CSIO maternal bloodline. In fact, Scarlett Fontanel is the daughter of the founding father of the breed Diamant de Semilly and of Fantine du Defey, by Laudanum x Uriel. Scarlett thus represents the famous crossing (very much sought after) of Diamant de SemillyxLaudanum which has given, amongst others, Lavillon (who held amongst other titles, the World Team Championship of 2002). In view of the quality of the maternal line, Vision's mother and grandmother were put directly into reproduction. Her grandmother, Fantine du Defey, is none other than the grand daughter of INULA, a daughter of the famous Narcisse, thus the uterine sister of CAMERA and FLAMBEAU C.

Her maternal grand father Ringo adds to an already magnificent pedigree the blood of Pericles, and thus also of Ulft. Pericles XX (father of Samber) is one of the two XX stallions (with Lucky Boy XX) having the best KWPN produce. And the production of his grandson ULFT is phenomenal, to be discovered in numerous pedigrees of horses competing at the very top level. As an example take HICKSTEAD, the world’s best horse in CSO of his epoch or in Dressage, the famous OLYMPIC FERRO, whose father is Ulft….

Imperator's uterine brother, Cantor Morinda Z, eldest son of Vision Morinda, has been sold for 65,000 Euros at the Fences Elite Sales in August 2017. He is off for the USA and will without a doubt be kept as a stallion.


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