Vision Morinda Z

Female Skewbald 12 years old 1m68

General comments

Vision Morinda (renamed Re Vision Morinda Z) was born in the purple on the 17th of June 2009. She is a daughter of Ringo and Scarlett Fontanel by Diamant de Sémilly.

Scarlett’s mother, and thus Vision’s grandmother, Fantine du Defey (Elite CSO) is the grand daughter of the famous INULA, the Grand Prix mare ridden by Jacques Bonnet, and uterine sister of that very great champion FLAMBEAU C, and above all of the famous CAMERA, by Rantzau, who produced amongst others the stallion Muguet du Manoir. One of the best Selle Francais families. Vision is the result of an embryo transfer which gave her a twin brother, Vidocq Morinda (ISO 125 as a five year old and today a stallion, sold to Belgium), born to another surrogate mother.

She is also the most extraordinary Tobiano mare we have ever seen. She caused quite a shock when she arrived in the world. No-one was expecting Vision, who doesn’t have a single drop of Appaloosa blood in her veins, to have inherited a coat that is so far from the normal. She is a ‘fleabitten’ Pie, and the most astonishing aspect is that the fleabites, which are incredibly numerous, are also present on her blaze and stockings.

One theory, suggested by a breeder, is as follows : “Vision Morinda comes from Flambeau C’s bloodline. Take a look at his photos, and you’ll see that he had little chestnut spots on his blaze and socks. These coat markings seem common in his origins, because I had a chestnut mare whose papers were ¾ identical to those of Flambeau, with what I used to call ‘peas’. She had lots of chestnut spots on her blaze and socks, and also a lot of tiny ‘peas’ of white on her othewise chestnut coat. When I say ‘peas’, they were well defined circles about the size of real peas (the vegetable) and not just scattered white hairs. So perhaps this explains Vision’s coat coloration!”.

This theory is probably the right one. A big thank you for that! In any case, genetics can have some nice surprises in store for breeders of coloured horses.

We were prepared for everything, except, perhaps, to see the arrival of an ‘English Setter’.



In April 2014, “Re Vision Morinda Z” had a well marked male Pie with lots of bone by the excellent Canturo. We have named him Cantor Morinda Z. This big colt is full of spirit and we are hopiing he is going to turn out to be out of the ordinary. Cantor Morinda Z, has been sold for 65,000 Euros at the Fences Elite Sales in August 2017. He is off for the USA.

Vision was inseminated in 2014 by Troubadour d'Aurel (Troubadour By Wisbecq), and a superb filly was born on the 25th of April 2015; welcome to Triskele Morinda Z, just as sweet natured as her mum.

In 2016 Vision was sent to a young 4 year old stallion whose papers had seduced us, Cambiaso Massuere. He is none other than a son of the famous LONDON (ridden by Gerco Schroder and named Eurocommerce London then Glock’s London). His mother is a daughter of l'Arc de Triomphe and Estrella Del Dia, who is herself none other than the mother of NERVOSO. We learnt with great sorrow of the passing of this beautiful stallion at the end of 2016. Vision gave us a splendid filly on 2 April, 2017, Houston TX Morinda, renamed Calgary H Morinda Z, with a chestnut coat and absolutely exceptional paces: she could be directed towards Dressage, even though she has evidently been born for show jumping. Houston/Calgary has a personality of pure gold, and plenty of energy

Vision is in foal for 2021 to the phenomenon ‘DIARADO’, a son of the founding father Diamant de Sémilly. Diarado, as many of you will know, has been called ‘the black diamond of Holstein’ where he gained spectacular marks when he was approved as a stallion. Their future foal should be absolutely SUPERB. And it turns out to be a Pie (Skewbald) will be, as far as we know, the only coloured Diarado.

And you’ll see that as well as Diarado being a son of Diamant, Vision is herself a grand daughter of Diamant through her mother Scarlett Fontanel, so the foal will have an inbreeding on the famous DIAMANT DE SEMILLY.

Sire : Ringo KWPN

Her sire, Ringo, has an interesting bloodline as he is inbred to Samber (the Grand Prix Dressage horse), the only coloured stallion to have been included in the KWPN studbook. He is to be found in Ringo’s pedigree, along with his full sister, Wanda.

But through Samber and Wanda, Ringo is also inbred to Pericles xx (who you can find three times in his papers). Pericles is one of the two XX stallions (with Lucky Boy xx) who were the best KWPN producers. He was named ‘Keur’ in 1976 and ‘Preferent’ in 1977.

PIA, the mother of ULFT (Le Mexico x Pericles xx) is the ‘must have’ daughter of Pericles. And ULFT is the father of FERRO, amongst others. OLYMPIC FERRO, the legendary crack dressage horse (‘Preferent’).

ULFT’s produce is phenomenal, to be found in numerous pedigrees of top competition horses in both CSO and dressage. He’s present, for example, in the pedigree of the renowned HICKSTEAD, who was, in his time, the best horse in the world.

Dam : Scarlett Fontanel SFA

Scarlett Fontanel represents the famous cross between Diamant de Sémilly and Laudanum, which produced, amongst others, Lavillon (who won, amongst other titles, the team World Championship in 2002).

Prematurely dead, she had three other offspring who turned out well : the stallion Vidocq Morinda in Belgium, Graf Diamant Z (ISO 140) and Agramant Fontanel.

Her daughters Colomba du Lys as well as Vision Morinda continue her bloodline.

Second dam : Fantine Du Defey SF

Fantine du Defey , classified “Elite CSO” by the French Haras Nationaux, is the grand-daughter of the celebrated Inula, the Grand Prix mare of Jacques Bonnet and uterine sister of the supreme champion FLAMBEAU C, as are other international horses (Roi du Manoir, Jupiter AK and the famous CAMERA, by Rantzau who sired, amongst others, the stallion Muguet du Manoir).

Third dam : Tess Du Defey SF

TESS DU DEFEY, by the founding father URIEL and INULA had 17 offspring of which 12 were ranked. Notably Bel Ami du Defey (Almé), an international winner as a 7 year old, and now a stallion. Coriolan du Defey (Almé), who held the Fences sales record. He was the horse of the year in the USA as a five year old, then was bought by an amator to become a Hunter... Eponine du Defey (Laudanum), champion of the Aqutaine league and then a brood mare, and Fantine du Defey (Elite CSO, ISO 134), two full sisters with excellent production in both show jumping and eventing. Nans Fontanel (ISO 136)...



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