Une Lady Morinda SFA

Female Grey 11 years old 1m67


General comments

On the 25th of May 2008, Opaline d’Ouilly foaled and gave us a splendid stylish filly by Mylord Carthago. She was named Une Lady Morinda.

Without surprise, Une Lady Morinda was not coloured since her two parents were both whole coated. But we were over the moon to see that she had inherited her father’s coloration. She began to become grey: her coat, a sort of moleskin colour at birth is covered in white hairs.

Opaline, who was a little surprised by the arrival of Serena, her first filly, became a devoted mother. She adored her daughter and watched her like a hawk.

Passing through her first year, Une Lady confirmed all that we had dreamed of at her birth. She was quite simply magnificent. Big, elegant, racy, and as well with a super character. We were very proud of her.

Our lovely filly became the inseparable companion of Une Py Morinda and she stayed with us until July 2010. After that we sent her off to be backed. As always, she was super gentle and easy and on top of that showed great scope over the few little poles she saw.

It was there that Aurelie met her and decided that she should be her future mare. As Une Lady was still very young and her backing was finished, Aurelie left her to spend the winter with us. Une Lady and Une Py resumed their daily life (in the paddock during the day, in the box overnight) and continued to grow.

Aurelie came and fetched Une Lady at the end of January 20111, and since then they have learnt to understand one another and the partnership gets on perfectly (see the very kind account that Aurelie wrote us in the section “Our References”)

And at the start of 2013, we have been following the first competitions of our pretty Grey. She is going to bring honour to the Morinda bloodline and give a lot of happiness to her owner who wrote to us: “I’ve never ridden a horse with such ability”.

Her uterine brother, Vostock Morinda, also shows an uncommon power over poles: a very good base bloodline and we count on Mummy Opaline to continue to give us excellent foals. Since then Carpe Diem Morinda Z and Conquerant Morinda Z have been born.

Sir : Mylord Carthago SFA

Mylord Carthago

Dam : Opaline D'ouilly SF

Opaline d'Ouilly

Second mare : Cassandre Du Fief SF

Cassandre du Fief

Third mare : Kiss Dulinglais SF

Kiss Dulinglais


We no longer present the sire of Une Lady Morinda, the excellent Mylord Carthago (a son of Carthago), the CSIO horse who launched the career of Penelope Leprovost. The partnership brought back, amongst other titles, the European and World Show Jumping Vice Championships for 2010 and 2012.

Opaline d’Ouilly, a daughter of the excellent Uzelien (Muguet du Manoir) dead at a young age, and of Cassandre du Fief (by Narcos II) comes from an illustrious CSI family who have given the world numerous stallion. The uterine sister of her mother, Geolinote du Fief competed with Patrice Delaveau and Nicolas Delmotte (winning more than 40,000 euros, ISO 162).

Opaline also gave us the very powerful Vostock Morinda (presented in the section “References”) sold to a young rider who is competing at Junior level, as well as Carpe Diem Morinda Z and Conquerant Morinda Z


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