Ucs Vantage AES

Male Skewbald 4 years old 1m60

General comments

UCS Vantage born on the 3rd of April 2015, is, like his half brother Flamboyant V Morinda a son of Visage Van de Olmenhoeve. He is also a HOMOZYGOUS colt for the Tobiano gene, which is to say that if he becomes a stallion later (which is, fingers crossed and fortune favouring us, the future we would wish for him), he will only sire coloured foals whatever the coat colour of the brood mare.

Flamboyant V Morinda and UCS Vantage are, to our knowledge, the only two sons of Visage in Europe who are homozygous for Tobiano. And one can take note that they resemble him a lot. Visage has marked them as his own, in passing on to them not only the style which characterizes all his produce but also his blue eye. Before these two homozygote babies we have never seen one of Visage’s foals with this particular trait.

We no longer need to present Visage Van de Olmenhoeve to those who love Coloured Sport Horses as he is one of only three coloured stallions (along with Ulyss Morinda) to have competed up to 1.60m.  Based in Australia since his purchase as a four year old at the Fences Sales for the sum of 110,000 Euros (in 2002), he is represented in Europe by the Morinda Stud and you can find him in the STALLIONS section.

Vantage rejoied us on the 5th of December 2015, and the following day, after 24 hours of rest, he was reunited with Flamboyant who had just been weaned.  Actually, what we did was to take Une Star Morinda (his mother) out of her box and pop Vantage in instead.  Within a few hours they were getting on well together and from the following day they were turned out together at grass, rejoined by Triskele Morinda Z the day after that.

The two half brothers look very much alike, well marked by their shared father, Visage Van de Olmenhoeve.  The famillial resemblence is strong!  One could say that they were almost twins.  They have lots of personality and seem to be well aware of their value.  They’re also very playful and have lots of energy, and high spirits.

As a two year old, Vantage, like his half-brother, showed magnificent paces which could orient him towards Dressage or Eventing.  He has also inherited Visage’s superbe style : very quick in front.  In fact, he has a character forged from gold.

As a three year old there was no longer any doubt : Vantage JUMPS and he has inherited the extraordinary style passed on to him by Visage!  Every jump is the same!  He has also been backed and is progressing very quickly under saddle.

As a four year old, Vantage is ready for his first competitions!  He’s agile as a cat!  He is very gentle, close to people but full of spirit!  He will be destined for a top level rider, who loves very responsive, flying horses, and who isn’t too heavy!  This is a horse full of joie de vivre but without any side to him.


His father Visage Van de Olmenhoeve competed in classes up to 1.6m. He is a son of Limbo (by Concorde), and his mother Nervosa passed on to him the blood of Latano and thus of Landgraf I. Among his produce let me cite Pitt l’Indecis winner in CCE (ICC 138), Valentine de Grisy (ISO 125), Vizir Morinda Z (ISO 125), Apache Sunshine (ISO 148) sixth in the six year old Championships, and Appy d’Hulm (ISO 150), second in the six year old championships in CCE at Pompadour…… Limbo produced many great performance horses such as Visage Van de Olmenhoeve ISO 155, Catapulte ISO 168, Nureev du Hossoit ridden by Robert Whitaker, Nepos Van Limbo winner of the Queen’s Cup in Spain……

The mother of Vantage is the magnificent Special Design II, daughter of Sempatico, himself by SEMPER (who the Morinda Stud has represented in France). Special Design thus passes on to Vantage through Semper the blood of one of the founding fathers of the race, SANDRO. It is a very interesting line for Dressage and above all for jumping as Sempatico is also a grandson of ICO (Marco Polo)


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