Triskèle Morinda Z

Female Skewbald 4 years old 1m68

Price : ***


  • Dressage
  • Show jumping
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General comments

Triskèle Morinda Z is the daughter of our magnificent Vision Morinda (renamed Re Vision Morinda Z) and Troubadour d’Aurel, better known under the name of Troubadour By Wisbecq. She was born on the 25th of April 2015, a week early and very quickly she showed us as affectionate a temperament as her mother. She is very at home with people, sensible and is afraid of nothing. A very sociable filly. Vision seems to distinguish her foals.

Triskele has the family look of her uterine brother Cantor Morinda Z, at the same time remaining very feminine. Like him she has plenty of bone and lots of spirit.

And for the second time Vision has been transformed into a mother hen, very anxious if her baby wanders off even a metre. She is a formidable mum, being extremely protective, but that doesn’t prevent her from trusting us when we handle her foals.

Triskèle Morinda Z has exceptional papers of which her base bloodline takes her back to Camera and Flambeau C. You can find an incredible number of CSI and CSIO winners in her maternal bloodline. As for her name, Triskèle, it represents a symbol that existed in Celtic Art between 2,500 and 3,000 BC. The solar nature of the triskele being “generall recognised”, it’s probable that in Celtic iconography it represented the three points of the vertical movement of the sun: the sunrise, the zenith and the sunset. Other interpretations exist: the three elements: earth, fire and water. It can also represent the continuity of time that passes: past, present and future or even the three ages of life (youth, middle age and old age). Or even the three worlds: the living world, the world of the dead and the world of the spirits… In short, a magic name for a filly who is out of the ordinary and who decided to come into the world with not a single warning: Vision (who would have been at term on the 1st of May) should have gone to the vet’s, she hadn’t prepared herself specially and we had planned to take her on Tuesday 28th of April and we weren’t even watching her at night. And on Saturday the 25th we found Triskele upright and feeding, already dry!!!! Surprise!

Now a three year old, we have for the first time seen Triskele (who is going to be a very important mare of good size) over poles. And what a surprise that was….We were faced with a fighter plane….or a rocket! Look at the photo! Within a few leaps Triskele understood everything : she tucked up her legs, bent her knees and standing well back she took off, arching her back with her hindquarters flying. She has natural pole intelligence and bascules perfectly, everything with great strength and scope. She’s very promising indeed. Triskele jumped twice more, confirming her quality, was broken in without the least problem (which shows her malleability).

She went back to join the others youngsters and she"ll get back to work in January 2019.

In March 2019, Triskele began to be ridden over fences and showed herself as impressive.  She has a lot of quality and is still just as nice natured.  This filly represents the future!

In May 2019, Triskele began in competitions for young horses, without intending to pursue this up to the 4 year old finals. It’s more to get experience of a few different places.

Sir : Troubadour D'aurel

Troubadour d'Aurel

Dam : Vision Morinda Z

Re Vision Morinda Z

Second mare : Scarlett Fontanel SFA

Scarlett Fontanel

Third mare : Fantine Du Defey SF

Fantine du Defey


Her father Troubadour d'Aurel passes on to her the blood of Lord Gotthard and above all of Dirka (his paternal grandmother) who is none other than the mother of the founding father Quidam de Revel. His mother, Re Vision Morinda Z, born Vision Morinda, daughter of Ringo and Scarlett Fontanel, has passed on to Triskele a CSIO maternal bloodline. In fact, Scarlett Fontanel is the daughter of the founding father of the breed Diamant de Semilly and of Fantine du Defey, by Laudanum x Uriel. Scarlett thus represents the famous crossing (very much sought after) of Diamant de SemillyxLaudanum which has given, amongst others, Lavillon (who held amongst other titles, the World Team Championship of 2002). In view of the quality of the maternal line, Vision's mother and grandmother were put directly into reproduction. Her grandmother, Fantine du Defey, is none other than the grand daughter of INULA, a daughter of the famous Narcisse, thus the uterine sister of CAMERA and FLAMBEAU C. Her maternal grand father Ringo adds to an already magnificent pedigree the blood of Pericles, and thus also of Ulft. Pericles XX (father of Samber) is one of the two XX stallions (with Lucky Boy XX) having the best KWPN produce. And the production of his grandson ULFT is phenomenal, to be discovered in numerous pedigrees of horses competing at the very top level. As an example take HICKSTEAD, the world’s best horse in CSO of his epoch or in Dressage, the famous OLYMPIC FERRO, whose father is Ulft…. Her uterine brother, Cantor Morinda Z, eldest son of Vision Morinda, has been sold for 65,000 Euros at the Fences Elite Sales in August 2017. He is off for the USA and will without a doubt be kept as a stallion.


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Triskèle Morinda - Triskèle 4 years old, March 1 2019

Triskèle 4 years old, March 1 2019

Triskèle Morinda - Triskèle, 3 years old, first jumping session, February 2018

Triskèle, 3 years old, first jumping session, February 2018

Triskèle Morinda - Triskèle, 18 months old

Triskèle, 18 months old

Triskèle Morinda - Triskele foal in 2015, 2 and 3 months

Triskele foal in 2015, 2 and 3 months

Triskèle Morinda - Triskele foal in 2015, first month

Triskele foal in 2015, first month